Expired Utopia

by Ocularis Infernum

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conorfog86 I love this album because its sounds like from outworld,the world that is better,brighter,lighter but in same moment it sounds so tragick.In this album are good compositions.From critic wievpoint album sounds wery made in usa.But album is really good. Favorite track: I.
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First full length album from Ocularis Infernum


released November 3, 2017

Music: Andris Začs, Magnuss Znatajs
Lyrics: Māra Sekmet
Album artwork: Andris Začs, photo by Jēkabs Vilkārsis
Additional vocals by Mārtiņš Lazdāns in "Akathisia"

Recorded and produced by Ocularis Infernum


all rights reserved



Ocularis Infernum Riga, Latvia

Black/death/symphonic metal band from Latvia.

Māra Sekhmet- vocals
Andris Začs- guitars, bass
Magnuss Znatajs- keyboards

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Track Name: I
Heart wide open
There's no chance to close it up

So I'm left bleeding
Counting the last minutes
Of my miserable

I'm here wide open and naked
Are you?
Join me in my fragile world
Or are you too scared?

I dare you!
Track Name: A Confession Of Defeat
The pain of the world
Digs my soul
Six six six feet under
Bury me
In my self pity
No one from the outside
Just echoing voices in my head
Demanding to destroy!

Fault, it's my fault!
There's no place I can call Home
Casted out, burned at the stake in internal flames
No mercy!
I must do it!
There's no other way than transience.

I am messenger from hell
Preaching the hateful way
How to kill counterfeit love
Stop praying for peace and harmony
We're programmed for survival and fear

The wait for flourishing
The wait for justice and happiness
Will be eternal
Carrot and stick

History doesn't repeat itself
We ourselves repeat it in rapture
We love and indulge our
Sick sick sick proclivities

Self loathing human nature
Idiocy extending over centuries
There's no faith in humanity
And never will be.

Self-eating parasites
Overspread the Earth
Prolonging the pain to eternity
All the hate backfires

We're crafted for suffering
Decorated with ignorance
Forced to paint mirages of faith,
miracles and fairy tales

What we call our progress
Is plainly a mass suicide
No one wants to admit
No one wants to know
We keep striving in blinded ignorance

I'm fighting my fatal familial insomnia
Truth warriors all locked up in hypersleep
Worldwide opposite life, values and morals
You praise what you fear the most

Extinct ambitions
To change the world
Predestined lifeline- a guard dog
To get you back and stick to the original plan.
Where you belong..

My last hate outcry in defeat!

I hate all happy faces
I hate your fucking illusions
I hate this so called reality
And.. I hate the truth..
Track Name: II
Not long for this world
Destroyers are heroes
And healers destroyed

Truth buried by bullets
Lies admired by billions

That's life
I hear you say
Not all things are fair

And you fall back
To your trance
By holograms
Track Name: Akathisia
Closed circle destiny
The same scenario, infinite loop
You think you live forward but you just repeat
We walk a predestined path
With empty heads and hearts
Enjoying simulated beauty

The same outcome reached by same decisions
Instead of destroying circle
You build wall of death
Self trapped and proud, denying insanity
You move forward backwards
Vice versa

Imagination paints your evolution
Reality rocks you back and forward
We’re coded on destruction in our narrow minds
We can’t even gasp it
We can’t even imagine

Driven by artificially implanted values
We strive for more and more
Until reasoning collapses

To stop means to quit
No one wants to be coward
Blood taste in mouth
Is acceptable side effect


You’re prescribed not to feel
Not to question or doubt
Behavioral manual
Handed by people
Who want to help you
To be dead!

You just swallow your pill
And get back to your loop

You’re life on remote control
You’re not in charge
You’re just a replaceable machine
They cannibalize you

Social akathisia- accepted as norm

Insanity means repeating the same shit over and over again,
Each time expecting a different result

Insane person is a person who defines himself sane

Insanity apocalypse has landed
No one even noticed

No ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooone!
Track Name: III
The greatest illusionists
Captivate our minds
We don't mind
And surrender

We don't mind
We surrender

A man with scissors
Trying to free you

You can't even see
That you are tied
The Grand Ones told
That you're free
Track Name: Illusionist And Scissorman
Once upon a time in a faraway flat earth lived puppets
They all were careless and free.
Among them there was an illusionist.
He was a bright young puppet with big ambitions in life.
He created a lot of joy for all other puppets.

One day in his show he tried a new trick-
A mass hypnosis.
He hanged each puppets’ limbs in wires and assured that they were safe and he’ll take a care of them.
He said his spell, twisted the spiral
And crowd did whatever he said

What started as joke, turned into nightmare-
Illusionist didn’t break his spell..

Besotted with power and greed
He kept going even wilder-
Through wires he started to implement his thoughts and agendas
Whenever he wanted to control someone
He simply pulled the wires, puppets followed the impulse
And did exactly what illusionist intended them to do.
At the same time puppets thought that this action is their choice, their free will.

Puppets became marionettes under illusionists spell.

Along the way one puppet broke free by realizing control from the wires.
Now if he could cut all other’s wires then they all could be free again.
He ran with scissors to cut the wires but illusionist could not allow it.
He pulled the wires and puppets knocked down the one who came to set them free.

"What if we die without our wires?
Illusionist promised he wouldn’t do us any harm. He takes a good care of us!”
...and all these ideas were implanted to them.
Only Scissorman detected the lies and proceeded to save his associates.

Illusionist got pissed off by Scissorman’s persistence and he implemented a new thought-
All puppets saw Scissorman as enemy and they threw him over Earth’s flat edge.

The illusionist’s show goes on till this day
No one has ever broke his spell
So far it’s the greatest illusion of all times

If another Scissorman wakes up
He’s destined to the same scenario.

No one ever lived happily ever after
Although everyone thought- they did
Illusionist implemented false beautiful visions in empty, obedient minds.

Track Name: Escape To The Cul-de-sac
There’s no way for me to escape
Many roads - all closed
The end.
‘Hope’ traffic signs removed and broken
Possibilities exhausted

I turn around in circles
I need some help
Everyone says they have it
No one gives..

They don’t know what it is
They don’t know how it works
But they keep it as a bait
Right in front of my face
Keep entrapping me!

Promises of better days..
Keep delaying
Denial of truth
I drown deeper..

"This will change your life:
Try to dye your blood in blue"
Promises, promises..
Bang my head against the brick wall
(In my head.. against the brick wall..)

You keep promising an easy cure
Prescribe a perfect pill for this
Ants hoping to turn into giants
Suicidal temptation- a sweet release..

Crash into cracked bloody glass
Like a blinded fly
Go against the odds
Bet it all!
..but the House always wins..

Blue blood never spills
We’re losing our war

I pull myself together
Maybe this time it will work
The brick wall stays the same
Right where it was
Well maybe there’s nothing on the other side?
Maybe we’re caged animals
Not understanding our true purpose?

We all run for cover
Just to end up in a dead end
The only escape route
Leads us nowhere but the cul-de-sac

We believe we have a free will
Free choice and decisions are made (only) by us
But wherever you turn
Wherever you go
You realize, you go in circles
And here it begins..

Where is your freedom
When you’re rotating like a spinning top?
Although we don’t want to admit it
We’ll all end up where we want to be the least

You love your fun ride
I hate simulated adrenaline rush

All we can see from this cage is a sky
Birds that fly freely
But where do they land?
All that view gets us nowhere
It just can give another naive hope -
Escape to the cul-de-sac..
Track Name: Pretending Sanity
When you turn your eyes away from slaughter
It doesn’t mean it’s not happening..

Dress-code is our armor
Keep distracting from what’s under our shell
Fragility, insanity, perversity and sickness
All well disguised, secured and guarded

You swallow it all what others feed you with
Not ever questioning- is it all there is?
Massacre painted as carnival
All the blood and pain in front of your eyes
But you just applaud..

Army of perfection
Defends its existence
By sacrificing most valuable-
Ability to feel
We’re ruled by heartless mannequins
Where else can they lead us
If not in their obsessed materiality?

You see what you’re supposed to see
You feel what you’re supposed to feel
(Declining all errors if they ever surface)

All your demons dressed up like beauties
All your madness with a clown’s smile
All your pain transferred to apathy
All your good intentions stabbed with a cold rational blade

I stay in my madness sober
Feeling every nuance of collective pain

Bloody chalk outline of your soul
Body keeps operating from your mind
Ethics over emotions
Military discipline and punishment
And you still justify

Bloody chalk outline of your soul
Body keeps operating from your mind
Ethics over emotions
Strangle your sanity to stay sane
Track Name: Lost Forest
Mother you granted us breath
We're ripping your flesh abandoning you in agony
Tons of concrete depressing our roots
We fight for wrong reasons, we shut down our conscience

Starlight froze red
We're heading to our final destination
Hereditary curse cannot be removed
Salvation still lies dead above


We wait for salvation

Snow covers empty battlefields

Avarice overshadows all reasons to understand
You're on your knees getting ready to crawl
Prison bars divide the sky in blue squares
You can't see the landscape
You're locked in your four walls

Broken butterfly wings won't regenerate

We're destroying like there's no tomorrow
It's us who've turned our hearts ischemic

Helping hand descend from heaven
Lead us to our new resort
So we can rip it up, tear it down, crush it, enfetter and taunt

We depart for a new life
Your blood and tears on our hands
Yet we said - we love you!

Dusk of death brought us back to our senses
How quickly can we fix forgotten promises?
Vain remorse
We pledge to return and make it right
But if we ever come back we will start everything anew
Just the way we did before..

Vain remorse
No more
Vain remorse

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